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Domains and Hosting

We don’t offer domains and hosting… that is to say Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting.

Many companies do, some will even register the domain name in their name instead of yours, so you don’t even own it!!!! But we believe there is a better way.

Below are links to domain name registration and hosting firms who are experts in their field and offer much better support than most.

What you get are top quality services and normally an introductory discount on the initial year (for hosting, but sometimes domains too). We make a small amount of commission for the referral, but this won’t affect your discount and doesn’t mean you get a worse deal than just going straight to them…. so it’s a win-win 🙂

We use these ourselves and have done for over 10 years, so there is no hesitation in recommending any of them.

You will also find links to useful online tools we’ve found over the years… that are still around… and you can use if you need to.

Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Cloud/Dedicated Servers

Domain Names & UK Website Hosting

Cloud Server

Site Scanner


email hosting

SSL Certificates

Useful links and online tools

Favicon Generator and Gallery
This is the little icon that appears next to your site name when someone bookmarks your site. Essential for making your link stand out from the crowd and remind folks to keep visiting!



Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration & Online Tools
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Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration & Online Tools
Links to reliable and trusted companies for domain name registration, website hosting and a variety of online tools and services.